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Vision for Augmented Reality creativity in cities

October 2020

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As part of Project 2 Design at the BSc Industrial Design at University of Technology Eindhoven I made four exploratory sketches to visualise a vision for expressing creativity in the built environment.

3D Island Generator in Processing

October 2019

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A procedural 3D island generator made using Processing as part of the course Creative Programming at TU/e (bsc. Industrial Design year 1)

Light people experiments

July 2019

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3D modelling and rendering experiments made using Blender as part of a course at HKU (University of Arts Utrecht) Interaction Design year 1, called Art, Media & Me.

Dying Earth

February 2017


An assignment I did for KUBV (Art class) at high school (Gymnasium Novum) where we had to make something with a skull as the main theme. It is an art piece which shows the negative impact we have as humanity on our earth.