Hey! I’m Arjo. I’m currently studying Industrial Design at University of Technology Eindhoven.

My interests are very broad, but my heart is in User Interface and User Experience Design. Next to that I love working with Augmented Reality and all the other acronyms with reality in them (MR, XR, VR).

I am scattered around the internet; you can find me on GitHub → and YouTube → but also sometimes on Twitter → or even LinkedIn → for my businessy aspirations.

Or you can send me an email.

This is me -^
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Take a look at my most recent highlighted projects:

A story about Loneliness

June 2020

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As part of the group project Project 1 Design at TU/e Industrial Design year 1, we made a virtual reality interactive narrative experience with the goal of raising awareness and helping people deal with loneliness.

3D Island Generator in Processing

October 2019

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A procedural 3D island generator made using Processing as part of the course Creative Programming at TU/e (bsc. Industrial Design year 1)

You’re being followed

March 2019

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You’re being followed is an Augmented Reality tabletop puzzle game made using Unity and ARFoundation as part of the course Building Playful Worlds at HKU (University of Arts Utrecht). Made for iPhone

Top-down shooter engine

September 2018


A top-down shooter engine made using GameMaker:Studio 2. It features movement, shooting, inventory, weapon types, ammunition types and dropping / picking up weapons.

Feeling adventurous? Take a look at my experiments:

Sometimes I make music, sometimes I create weird 3D models, but most of the time I try to have fun!

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